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  • 100 tonnes in-shop with space-smart vertical storage lift


    In the middle of their store, Göhlins has placed a Compact Double. The vertial storage lift can store up to 100 tonnes, which is a lot for a store, and perfect for an actor like Göhlins who deliver heavier products. The machine is also directly connected to the business system which means that as soon as a customer has placed an order, it's ready for pickup or delivery.

    A solid and safe machine

    Compact Double is a solid machine and the only vertical storage lift with this much storage space on such a small area. The principle is based on Weland Lagersystem's somewhat more common vertical storage lift Compact Twin, where the machine can fetch two trays at the same time. This means that one tray can move out ordered products while the other is working inside the machine.

    - When you place an order the vertical storage lift moves up to fetch the product, regardless of if it's placed online or in-store. The vertical storage lift will then serve the product on a tray for pickup. Customers can as such feel confident that no-one else can pickup their order, says Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem.

    The vertical storage lift resembles a tall tower in which Göhlins stock their products. This safe system means security even for Göhlins as nobody can steal anything from the store, plus it saves a lot of time for personnel with automatic picking.

    Systems for the future

    To connect vertical storage lifts to business systems is becoming more and more common, Björn explains, but for custmers to get their orders directly in the store is something unique. With this investment Göhlins show that they are in the forefront of inventory management. Björn develops further:

    - Imagine if we down the road could place vertical storage lifts at delivery points. Then you need to stand in line to pickup a package and stores don't need to have personnel available. The end customer would just need to enter an order number to pickup his goods himself.

    Read more about the project for Göhlins and other references

    Space-saving vertical storage lift

  • Ordering spare parts


    Get in touch with us if you have any doubt or are uncertain about our support, service or spare parts. We will gladly lend you a hand. If you, on the other hand, have localised the fault in the vertical storage lift and know what you need, you can quickly and simply order spare parts by email.

    Just send an email with your order to:

    We will get in touch with you once we receive the order and have shipped the spare parts to you.

    Ordering spare parts

  • Ur&Penn invested in a fully automated storage system


    The staff at the warehouse of Ur&Penn used to handle their goods manually with trolleys. By switching to storage lifts and a new pick-up solution they went from picking 250 orders to 1500 orders an hour.

    From their main warehouse in Stockholm, Ur&Penn distributes products all over Sweden and Finland. With a daily delivery to 100 stores, they had to increase their capacity and needed assistance from Weland Lagersystem.

    Today, Ur&Penn has achieved a unique pick-up rate. According to Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, this is due to the smart combination of the storage lift Compact Twin, the WMS-system Compact Store and the pick-up tool Put to Light.

    Compact Twin

    Ur&Penn chose to invest in the storage Compact Twin, as they could save up to 70 percent more floor space compared to traditional shelving systems. The Compact Twin also has a load capacity of 50 tons and horizontal photocells that controls the height of the goods. By handling two load trays in the same sequence, with one tray in standby and one in position, the picking speed can be more than doubled.

    - We are developing Compact Twin all the time and have developed several new machines that can handle longer goods and heavier weight per load tray. We also work with automation were we connect the machines with a robot, CNC machine or a process line, says Björn.

    Compact Store

    To control the storage lifts Ur&Penn installed the WMS-system Compact Store from Weland Lagersystem. The Compact Store allows the user to easily connect new features as they are needed. Which means it can cover the customer’s future needs if the size or the complexity of the warehouse is changing. The system supports normal operations such as deliveries, compilations, prioritizations, starting of new orders, filling articles and inventory.

    On Weland Lagersystem’s recommendation, Ur&Penn chose to complete the storage system with the pick-up tool Put to Light and a barcode reader to ensure that the correct item is picked. It helps the operator to handle batch picking/parallel picking and indicates which order an item should be placed with after it has been picked from the storage lift.

    - Ur&Penn has used all the tools we recommended for picking and that is why they have achieved such high efficiency, concludes Björn.

    Read more about the projektet för Ur&Penn and other references

    Helautomatiskt lagersystem

  • Easy warehouse handling with Compact Store


    Compact Store makes it easy to streamline the warehouse. The system is built to effectively manage Weland Lagersystem's vertical storage lift.

    Weland Lagersystem and Kodverkstan have jointly developed the Warehouse Management System (WMS) Compact Store. The system creates order at the warehouse and streamlines the picking at the vertical storage lift.

    Support for working moment

    The system provides support for all the tasks that are part of normal stock management such as delivery, compilation, prioritization and launching of picking orders, relocation and refilling of articles and inventory.

    Compact Store can be used as an entirely independent system, but it is usually linked to an ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning). The business system manages the economy and Compact Store can be seen as the warehouse module. The Compact Store has been linked with most commercially available business systems.


    Easy warehouse handling

  • New sales rep - Lars Andreasen


    Lars Andreasen, with over 20 years of experience in logistics, has been appointed sales representative at Weland Lagersystem. He will be based in western Sweden.

    Lars Andreasen has previously worked at AJ Products as a sales representative. He has also worked at Weland Lagersystem a few years ago. We welcome Lars Andreasen back with his knowledge and drive.

    Lars Andreasen will be working in western Sweden. He will work with both vertical storage lifts and storage equipment.

    Here you can find contact information for Lars Andreasen. Lars Andreasen

  • Facilitate picking with scanners


    Weland Lagersystem’s scanners facilitate picking and increase efficiency. Scanners can be used to acknowledge the details, stock location and order. Our scanners also increase the security of picking management.

    Scanner reading requires control with the storage system (Warehouse Management System, WMS-system) or ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning). Scanners are used to either input or acknowledgment of the mission. With scanners you both increase the accuracy of picking and increase efficiency as you do not have to enter the information manually.

    Cordless hand scanner

    Weland Lagersystem offers two types of scanners; scanner and finger scanner. The usual scanner is a simple cordless hand scanner that plugs into a computer's USB-port to a cradle. The scanner is used for either input or picking acknowledgment in combination with the Compact Store system.

    Portable scanner

    The finger scanner is a small portable scanner that allows you to easily scan the code with both hands free. It connects to the PC via Bluetooth. This scanner is used primarily for acknowledging at picking at a vertical storage lift when both hands need to be free. The finger scanner sits on the wrist and the button is located on the index finger and clicked on by the thumb.

    Finger scanner from Weland Lagersystem

  • Customized vertical storage lifts


    Weland Lagersystem has several different models of vertical storage lifts in order to find the best solution to the customer. We customize all the vertical storage lifts and help you select the correct model based on storage conditions and your business.

    Two of our most popular vertical storage lifts are Compact Lift and Compact Twin. Compact Lift is a space-saving vertical storage lift as it stores high. The vertical storage lift is also suitable to use for heavy and bulky goods.

    Compact Lift is Weland Lagersystem’s most basic vertical storage lift and provides much capacity for a relatively small investment. The vertical storage lift has one load tray that staff can pick from.

    Focus on picking speed

    If it is important to increase the picking speed, then the Compact Twin model is the solution. This is a vertical storage lift with high picking speed that gives more orders per hour. By managing two load trays simultaneously, with one tray in waiting and one in picking position, the picking speed is increased as the stock does not need to wait for the goods in the service opening.

    Customer focus

    We at Weland Lagersystem puts the customer in focus and help you find the right vertical storage lift. We work according to our own project management methodology where we can quickly identify your needs, plan design, project installation and the estimated budget and schedule so you get a clear decision basis for your new investment.

    See our film which compares Compact Lift and Compact Twin

    Vertical storage lift from Weland Lagersystem

  • Smart tyre storage with vertical storage lift


    Weland Lagersystem has developed a clever customization to store tyres. The storage means that the tyres are stored in a Compact Double vertical storage lift, which saves time and reduces staff costs. Traditionally, wholesales keep tyres on tyre racks similar to pallet racks. Weland Lagersystem’s customization means that the tyres instead are stored in a vertical storage lift. According to Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, a large quantity of tyres can be stored. - With several vertical storage lifts next to each other it is easy to store up to 150,000 tyres, says Björn Karlsson.


    Weland Lagersystem customize each storage lift to the wholesaler's time bookings. Either you can have the vertical storage lifts behind each other with one service opening or have the lifts on line - with multiple service openings. - With many time bookings at the same time, we can put several lifts next to each other. In this way, several people can pick tyres from the service openings at the same time, explains Björn Karlsson.

    Quick picking

    With the tyres stored in a Compact Double the picking speed becomes 2-4 times faster than in a traditional storage. With this tyre storage it is easier to pick out the right tyre. The tyres are stored in the vertical storage lift and the right product will rapidly emerge, served on a tray at a comfortable working height.

    Saves time

    With Weland Lagersystem’s vertical storage lift the staff does not need to search among the shelves after the tyres. Much time and many steps are saved compared to a traditional storage. Staff costs are also reduced as fewer people are needed in the storage. In addition, the vertical storage lift has good ergonomics, as evidenced by reduced absence due to illness.

    Watch our film about tyre storage Smart tyre storage

  • Optimize existing premises


    Weland Lagersystem’s vertical storage lifts makes you think smart and build effective. Vertical storage lifts help you reduce both the size and volume of the building. Weland Lagersystem has knowledgeable and experienced personnel who will assist you.

    By placing the Compact vertical storage lifts in a tower outside the factory premises, larger floor areas are released and can be used for other than storage.

    To build a tower outside the existing premises is easy and does not disturb ongoing activities inside the premises. Since the tower is built off the facade it can be made higher than the existing building, without having to open up the ceiling and avoiding sealing problems. Anything to get as much storage capacity as possible.

    When the tower is completed, a service opening is made in the facade and the vertical storage lift installed - easily and smoothly.

    Larger tower for future needs

    Premould Huskvarna has chosen to place a Compact Lift in a "tower" outside the premises and thus increased storage capacity and freed surfaces inside the premises. In the tower there are additionally one frame for another vertical lift system in the future. The service opening in the wall is completed and temporary back-built to create minimal disturbance for future installation.

    Premould manufactures tools and plastic parts in various series. The company stocks numerous tools and therefor it is important with an organised, clean and protected storage with rational management. The vertical storage lift stores about 500 different tools. Vertical storage lifts are equipped with 100% extension of the load trays so that the tools can be easily handled with a crane.

    Vertical storage lift

  • Place the stock in the production area


    To place the warehouse out in the production area can be the optimal solution for many companies. Materials and components can then be very quickly reached and short distances can mean huge time savings.

    The saving of warehouse space and reduced transport areas are important factors in supply chain management. With Weland Warehouse vertical storage lifts the goods are stored safely and are also well protected.

    Weland Lagersystem are experts in stock handling and logistics and find solutions for all types of businesses. Contact us and we will help you!

    Stock in the production area

    Tata Steel delivers to the construction, automotive, packaging, machine construction sector and other markets worldwide. Tata Steel is also one of the world's ten largest steel producers.

    The facility in Halmstad handles tin sheets on 2800 mm wide pallets. The pallets are loaded by forklift onto one side of the vertical storage lift and handled manually in the other slot. The sheets are ordered in the desired format and colour and is profiled in direct connection to the elevator machine. Tata Steel is a good example of stock handling and secure production environment.

  • Optimise the warehouse using vertical storage lifts


    Weland Lagersystem's vertical storage lifts save large amounts of floor space and optimise the warehouse. The vertical storage lifts, which replace pallet racks and storage shelves, can be placed on the production premises, in the warehouse or in a freestanding tower outside the building. Applications and placing are steered by the company's activities, size of premises and the type of goods to be stored.

    In a vertical storage lift, nearly all types of goods can be stored, for example, bulky, small parts, heavy goods, long goods etc. The goods are stored safely, clean and protected from external damage.

    The vertical storage lifts are integrated with existing systems, for instance, WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or similar. This provides major gains for the company's internal logistics.

    Thanks to our own development and manufacturing, we can provide tailor-made, efficient solutions that give our customers new competitive advantages. Contact us and we will help you!

    200 pallets on 38 m² of floor.

    Watski AB in Malmö has invested in a further 3 Compact Twin vertical storage lifts. Apart from freeing up large amounts of floor space and appreciably increasing the efficiency, the order flow has also been increased from 1800 to 3440 order rows per day with the same labour force. Moreover, the work can be performed in a better ergonomic way, which is beneficial and appreciated by the staff.

    The 3 new Compact Twin vertical storage lifts hold 5600 storage locations and, together with 4 older vertical storage lifts, the company now has 70% of all of its articles in vertical storage lifts. This increases the safety and minimises the risk of incorrect picking.

    Vertical storage lifts save large amounts of floor space and optimise the warehouse.

  • Custom-made vertical storage lifts are handling parts for the new XC90 and V90


    When the world-leader, Plastal, needed new vertical storage lifts for handling plastic parts for Volvo's new XC90 and V90, they chose Weland Lagersystem as their supplier. The machines are custom-made to the size of the parts and this will mean a large saving in space for Plastal.

    The custom-made vertical storage lifts were installed during Q1, 2016, and are expected to be in full operation at Plastal, Simrishamn, soon. Apart from the space saved, the vertical storage lifts also handle heavy weights.

    "We have custom-made the machines based precisely on the parts that will be lifted in, which means Plastal can maximise its load capacity," Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, says. Plastal's new vertical storage lifts are driven by four gear racks, one in each corner of the machine's tray. As a result, Plastal's staff do not have to think about where in the vertical storage lift they should place the parts for Volvo's new models of car.

    Four vertical storage lifts to Plastal.

  • Full operation at Bergendahls


    Weland Lagersystem has recently delivered and commissioned four new vertical storage lifts to the Bergendahls retail group. The standard lifts, Compact Twin, are linked to Bergendahls' business system and they have saved the retailer both floor space as well as time picking orders.

    On 1 March 2016, Bergendahls' new vertical storage lifts were in full operation. The installation was completed in October 2015, but since then a sprinkler system has been installed in the vertical storage lifts. Bergendahls, which previously used pallet racks, will not only save floor space and increase the efficiency of the picking rate, but also secure the value in the event of any fire.

    "The Vertical Storage Lift Compact Twin, which are integrated in Bergendahls' business system can more than double Bergendahls picking rate by handling two trays in the same sequence, one in the wait position and one in the picking position."

    With horizontally acting photocells, the height of the goods is checked while the module has a 50 ton load capacity. Furthermore, the Compact Twin is designed to provide the operator with optimal ergonomic work position with the emergency stop easily accessible on the control panel.

    "The collaboration with Bergendahls means a lot for us, because it gives us a foothold in the retail trade market," Björn says.

    Four vertical storage lifts to Bergendahls.

  • Exact weight on the load tray


    Weland Lagersystem's latest customisation for vertical storage lifts is to supplement the lift with a weighing-machine.

    The weighing system means the load trays are not overloaded and it indicates the trays that can be loaded with more goods. This means that vertical storage lifts can be used even more efficiently.

    The weighing system gives the exact weight on the load tray when it is in the service opening. The weight appears directly on the vertical storage lift's display and gives the exact weight before and after picking or loading on to the load tray.

    Read more about our Customisations

    The vertical storage lift with weighing-machine.

  • Specially customised vertical storage lifts for Tetra Pak


    Weland Lagersystem has entered into a collaboration with Tetra Pak, the packaging manufacturer. During late spring 2016, the company will install specially customised vertical storage lifts at the market leader.

    Weland Lagersystem is now taking on a new project that is planned to be in full production towards the end of 2016. As a consequence of Tetra Pak's 6.5 metre long packaging products, Weland Lagersystem has customised vertical storage lifts to take goods up to seven metres long.

    "Tetra Pak will be able to save a lot of floor space and increase the efficiency of their picking rate," Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, says.

    The solution is a combination of the Compact Wide and Compact Lift, which makes it possible for Tetra Pak to put the goods in directly from a truck. In addition, all vertical storage lifts in the Compact series can handle heavy weights, because they are driven by four gear racks.

    "Tetra Pak will benefit greatly from the vertical storage lifts, which will simplify order picking for the manufacturer's personnel," Björn says.

    Vertical storage lifts

  • Holiday temps at the warehouse?


    The holiday period is drawing nearer and nearer, and it is a good time to book operator training for staff/holiday temps to ensure the efficient operation of your vertical storage lifts.

    The course can be arranged at your company or at Weland Lagersystem AB in Gislaved. Choose whatever best suits you.

    Contact Jan Thuresson soonest for more information. Places are limited, so contact us as quickly as possible!

    Maintenance and support

  • Even safer operation


    We have reinforced our maintenance and support department in order to give an additional boost to safety for you as a customer.

    Jan Thuresson has been appointed maintenance engineer and training manager. Jan has a solid experience in similar work tasks in different industries.

    Hampus Delbert is also a maintenance engineer with great knowledge and experience.

    Both Jan and Hampus have started work in their respective positions and are in full swing maintaining vertical storage lifts and providing support to our customers.

    Do you need maintenance or support? Contact us!
    Maintenance and support

  • Trolley is an intelligent new solution


    In some operations, there is a wish for the option to take a complete tray out and ”borrow” it from the vertical storage lift. For this reason, we have developed a customized Trolley.

    Trolley can make the operator's job easier, when it is possible to borrow complete trays from the vertical storage lift.

    Areas of application

    In the following cases, Trolley can facilitate and rationalise the activities:

    • When tools and parts are on just the one tray prior to assembly.
    • When there are preassembled parts on the tray. The tray is borrowed and conveyed to assembly
    • Tools for a machine setup can be available ready-to-use on the tray, which is conveyed to the machine for setting up.
    • When there are heavy and cumbersome parts on the tray. The tray can be moved to an overhead crane or other crane for unloading.
    • Complete kit for service and replacement can be on the tray, which is conveyed to the machine/plant that is to be repaired.
    Read more about our Customisations


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