We design and manufacture the Compact Vertical storage lifts at our factory in Gislaved. This means that we have full control and can customise the vertical storage lift according to the customer’s requirements and the goods to be stored. Naturally we strive to use standard measurements, but in principle no dimensions are “holy”. If special dimensions are needed, we will solve it!

Customized tyre storage

The storage means that the tyres are stored in a Compact Double vertical storage lift, which saves time and reduces staff costs.

With several vertical storage lifts next to each other it is easy to store up to 150,000 tyres. Each vertical storage lift is customized to the wholesaler's time bookings. With many time bookings at the same time, we can put several lifts next to each other. In this way, several people can pick tyres from the service openings at the same time.

With the tyres stored in a Compact Double the picking speed becomes 2-4 times faster than in a traditional storage. With this tyre storage it is easier to pick out the right tyre, as the staff does not need to search among the shelves after the tyres. Staff costs are also reduced as fewer people are needed in the storage.

Safe Pallet Handling

When load pallets are being placed on the vertical storage lift's load trays, it is important that the lift be equipped correctly in order for the pallet handling to run smoothly and safely. Compact Vertical Storage Lifts with pallet handling provide the truck operator with a secure and safe work situation. The equipment makes loading and unloading of pallets easier by the vertical storage lift and prevents risks of harm occurring during work.

With the very stable and robust equipment for pallet handling, all loading and unloading takes place outside the vertical storage lift. A safety curtain ensures that the truck operator does not approach the work area before the vertical storage lift's load tray is secured in the correct position on the stand, with support from underneath.

Stable guide guards make it easy for the truck operator to drive forward with the load pallet in the correct position. The measurement curtains at the side signal the position of the load pallet in depth, so the truck operator can easily see when the pallet can be lowered and placed correctly on the load tray.

The equipment is reinforced with collision protection and a strong beam that protects the load tray when the truck's forks are lowered on to the load tray.

Compact Storage Lifts are available with equipment for pallet handling at one or two load openings, everything based on the actual needs. With this solution, the stock handling is efficient, while the truck operators gain a secure and safe work environment.

1.5 metric tonnes – on one load tray!

When it comes to storing heavy components with the efficiency provided by a vertical storage lift, the solution is the industry's real heavyweight from Weland Lagersystem.

We have developed a unique design that means we can equip the Compact Lift with load trays that can handle a load of full 1.5 metric tonnes.

This is one part of our efforts to develop solutions that allow a greater and greater part of industrial companies' stock-holding to be managed using vertical storage lifts.

The Compact Lift, with load trays suitable for loads up to 1.5 metric tonnes, makes it possible to increase the efficiency further and save valuable floor space for stock handling.


In some operations, there is a wish for the option to take a complete tray out and “borrow” it from the vertical storage lift. For this reason, we have developed the Trolley accessory.

Areas of application

In the following cases, Trolley can facilitate and rationalise the activities:

  • Tools and parts for an assembly station can be available on just the one tray, which is borrowed and conveyed to the assembly point.
  • Preassembled parts for a final assembly can lie on a tray that is conveyed to the final assembly.
  • Tools for a machine setup can be available ready-to-use on a tray that is conveyed to the machine for setting up.
  • When heavy and cumbersome parts are on the tray, and the vertical storage machine lacks 100% pull-out and lifting equipment, the tray can be moved away to an overhead crane or another crane for unloading.
  • Complete kit for service and replacement can be on the tray, which is conveyed to the machine/plant to be repaired.

Fire Extinguishing System

In certain especially sensitive environments, equipping the vertical storage lift with a fire extinguishing system may be justified. In which case, it is the main drive in the elevator that is protected.

A powder extinguisher is installed in the elevator and a hose connected to the extinguisher is placed around the main motor. If there is any overheating or fire, the hose burns off giving rise to a rapid and effective point quenching using powder from the powder extinguisher. The system can be installed on all Weland Lagersystem’s models of vertical storage lift.

Weighing-machine – exact weight on the load tray

Weland Lagersystem's vertical storage lifts can be supplemented with a weighing-machine. The weighing system means the load trays are not overloaded and it indicates the trays that can be loaded with more goods. This means that vertical storage lifts can be used even more efficiently.

The weighing system gives the exact weight on the load tray when it is in the service opening. The weight appears directly on the vertical storage lift's display and gives the exact weight before and after picking or loading on to the load tray.

The weighing system has measurement points in all of the corners and, for this reason, gives the exact weight on the load tray, wherever the goods are placed.

Login via magnetic card, RFID and Fingerprint

To increase security and eliminate the risk of theft, a user register can be uploaded to the vertical storage lift with authorisations for groups and individual users. As an individual user, it is only possible to access the load trays to which one has authorisation. This gives exact traceability of all activities in the vertical storage lift.

The login is easy, quick and secure with magnetic card, RFID or Fingerprint.

Picking display

A monitor with easy-to-read text provides the operator with order information and an easily understood picture of the load tray. Colour marking indicates the position in the current compartment from where the material is to be picked.

An arrow on the monitor indicates incoming or outgoing deliveries, which enables work without any risk of incorrect picking. The picking display's software is controlled via Compact Talk, with information from the WMS or ERP system.

The picking display is a suitable aid when the loading trays are divided into larger compartments. It can also be combined with other picking aids to facilitate the work further.

LED strip

Light emitting diodes show from where on the load tray the operator must pick goods. A depth indicator shows on a digital display the depth in the compartment from which the picking is to be done.

The LED strip is an efficient picking aid without moving parts, suitable for load trays with compartments from 200 mm and larger. This provides a cost-effective alternative for larger compartments, where light pointers do not give the best guidance.

The vertical storage lift must be connected via Compact Talk to a WMS or ERP system. The LED Strip can be combined easily with other picking aids.

Light pointer

The light pointer uses a red laser diode to show clearly where the articles to be picked are located on the load trays. The light pointer is the most efficient picking aid when the load trays have many small compartments.

The light pointer is controlled via Compact Talk. It can be combined with advantage with Picking Display with information from a WMS or ERP system.

Pick/Put to light

When the operator has to pick an article that is included in several customer orders, the Put to Light picking aid is an effective solution (so-called batch picking). Put to Light is an aid for the operator that indicates in which customer order an article has to be placed once it has been picked from the vertical storage lift. With the help of LED displays, the operator is given information on how to allocate the picked articles between the various customer orders.

Example: A total of 20 screws must be picked from the vertical storage lift. These must then be allocated to three different customer orders, in the following quantities: 8, 7 and 5 each. When the operator has picked the 20 screws from the vertical storage lift, and turns round to the flow rack where Put to Light is installed, it can be seen* clearly into which boxes (orders) the screws must be placed, as well as the number per box (order).

* The information is presented with the help of LED displays. Each display has a clear indication light that lights up for the location as well as a numerical field that shows the quantity.

Foot pedal

The foot pedal is an excellent aid for acknowledging picks, particularly suitable for work steps where both hands are used to lift material.

Wireless acknowledgement button

A practical alternative for fast acknowledgement of picking. When the operator works at a distance from the machine's permanent acknowledgement button, an acknowledgement can still be made during picking. The acknowledgement button has no batteries and it charges during use.

Extra service openings

Extra service openings, for flexible applications. An extra service opening can make it possible to work with picking on several floors.

Another application is when access is required to one vertical storage lift from two directions, with loading on one side and picking on the other.

Comfort pack

Comfort Pack, for extra noise insulation at the service opening. The vertical storage lift's standard design satisfies the Machinery Directive's requirements regarding noise levels.

The comfort pack provides the option to reduce the noise level at the workstation further.


Pull-out, to make accessibility during pick management easier. Short Pull-Out, 40 cm (standard for service openings on Compact Twin), makes picking smaller articles easier. 100% Pull-Out, 80 cm, used for larger and heavier articles that require lifting equipment.

Collision protection

Collision protection, protects the vertical storage lift from damage from collisions with forklifts or similar.

Cycle shutter

Cycle shutter, which screens off the service opening. Keeps the vertical storage lift free from dust and contamination internally. Creates a better work environment with considerably reduced noise. Also acts as protection against theft, as it can be controlled by user rights.


PC-kit, a practical stand for hanging up printer, monitor and keyboard.

Lable printer

Label Printer, for printing orders labels, item labels and storage location labels. A frame for mounting to the machine is available as an extra accessory. Label printing requires control by the WMS or ERP system.


Scanner, to acknowledge items, storage locations and orders. A scanner increases the reliability of picking management. Scanner reading requires control by the WMS or ERP system.

Ring scanner

With the ring scanner it is easy to scan the code with both hands free. It is suitable for all kind of picking acknowledgment at a vertical storage lift where both hands need to be free. The ring scanner sits on the wrist, and the button is clicked on by the thumb.


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